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Everyone who consumes online entertainment has doubtlessly sat through numerous obnoxious and invasive advertisements while browsing videos or streams. Perhaps you sat through it to support the content creator, knowing they use that ad revenue to make a living. What you may not have known at the time was that those platforms were skimming almost half of the proceeds. Even Twitch Bits, a virtual currency meant to directly support streamers, is garnished at a rate of 45%.

Why do content platforms do this, and how are they getting away with it? The answer is simple: They do it because they…

Vodra and 2Crazy have teamed up to provide unparalleled creator compensation in the form of NFTs. By combining the NFT experiences that 2Crazy offers with Vodra’s creator compensation platform, there will now be many exciting opportunities for creators and audiences to benefit from this growing market.

As free online entertainment becomes ubiquitous, there is a great deal debate surrounding how content creators ought to be compensated. Everyone from advertisers, social media companies, audiences and the creators themselves has an opinion. We think it would be interesting to examine the pros and cons of each model and potentially put an end to the debate. Let’s take a look at the two main forms of creator compensation: advertisements and donations.

Firstly, we have the traditional advertisement based model which has been around since television commercials began in the 1940’s. This model involves placing advertisements and product placements in…

We had the pleasure of sitting down with a few of our great pre-launch creators and posing them some questions. We asked them about their own personal journeys in the field and their opinions on the content creation space in general.

Joining us for this creator interview is Jono Fereday, the Co-Founder of Lost Media, which is a content label and agency which represents numerous talented creators. Alongside him, we have SOZZLEPOPP, who is a prominent streamer and entertainer part of the Lost Team. They both offer their first-hand experiences and commentary in tandem.

Next, we have Taylor Mitchell, modern…

As development of the Vodra Platform continues, we wanted to offer a more detailed look at the various features to be made available. Our goal is to service the needs of every content creator and ensure that they can seamlessly interact with their audience and monetize their content. We have designed each feature with flexibility in mind and are eager to see how users creatively implement them.

In August 2019, the most popular Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced he was leaving Twitch for Microsoft’s Mixer. This had everyone wondering what would happen to Twitch with the most popular creator ripped from their platform. Well, nothing… Mixer failed and Ninja returned to Twitch 30 million dollars richer.

What is so special about Twitch that makes it seemingly immune to even the most powerful attempts at competition? It’s simple: Twitch was first. Just like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all of the other social media monopolies were first in their respective classes.

Social media platforms are like the favourite…


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